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Our Jersey Dairy Operation 

Providence Farmstead
Jersey Dairy 

In Winter 2024, we welcomed our Jersey dairy cattle to the North Carolina farm where they are milked in a

state-of-the-art dairy facility.


Our operation utilizes innovative technology including robotic milking, radio frequency identification, and an electronic monitoring system that tracks each cow's activity, respiration, and rumination. These technologies will maximize cow health, comfort, and milk quality. We are looking forward to updating you on our first dairy product launch in the coming weeks. Follow along with us on our Instagram and Facebook as we take you in for a closer look at our operation.

Opening in early 2025, the creamery will be processing All Jersey A2A2 milk into high-quality dairy products including cheese, ice cream and glass-bottled milk. The creamery will have viewing windows and a retail store. We look forward to educating the public about where their food comes from and how it is produced through our dairy farm tours.

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