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A 5th Generation 
Family-Owned Business

As a family run farm, we love to share what we do with the community. We operate as a fully transparent operation proud of the work we do and the animals we raise. 

As of January 2023, our tours are currently on hold due to the construction of our new dairy and creamery operation. Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified when we will be offering tours! 


Fun Facts

  • We have two farms that make up Providence Farmstead - one in North Carolina and one in Georgia.

  • Our American Wagyu are a cross between a full-blood Wagyu sire and our Jersey cow. 

  • Our steers weigh on average~1300 lbs.

  • We harvest our own hay to feed our herd.

  • We have over 50 different pieces of equipment that we use on our farms 

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