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Are you a Restaurant Owner or Chef?

Our American Wagyu is known for its incredible tenderness, unique marbling, and unmatched flavor. We appreciate the opportunity to work alongside chefs that desire to provide the highest quality product to consumers. We take pride in our beef and are eager to share it with our community. We are excited to partner with local restaurants to bring our exceptional American Wagyu beef to the market, and to your customer's plate. 


If you are interested in adding our American Wagyu beef to your menu, please contact McCalister at 

(828) 421-4431

We would be happy to provide you with a variety of samples for you to cook up in your own kitchen. We hope our cuts inspire decadent new dishes!


"I can tell you first hand that this wonderful family business really cares about their animals, neighbors and community. The various cuts and ground of Wagyu beef they provide are likely the best I've ever had and most certainly the best I've ever procured on my own. So delicious!"

Gorging on Life

"I bought 3 steaks and 3 lbs of ground beef from Providence Farmstead. The meat was the best I have ever eaten. Both my wife and I thought meat was delicious.. We like the farm to table concept and look forward to seeing Providence Farmstead develop further."

Mark Dickerson

"I was given some of their ground Wagyu as a gift and it was superb! The aroma it had while it was cooking made it all the more mouth watering. I would highly recommend this Wagyu to anyone and look forward to trying their other products. If you've never had Wagyu beef this would be a great place to get some and try it.

I Mack

"I've never heard of Wagyu beef before a friend told me about Providence Farmstead. I was given a roast to try & I was absolutely blown away! The meat was far & away the best I've ever tasted, in every aspect!"

Jason Workman

"These folks could set the standard for customer service. McCalister went out of her way to accomodate my purchase. The meat is gorgeous. Farm to table has never been more true."

Jay Marzella

"The Wagyu beef patties were awesome! No salt, pepper or any other spices, just plain right on the grill!"

Mark Meidlein

"This is the ideal place to purchase local and high-quality beef. As a customer, I was given an informative tour and got to know exactly what I was purchasing first hand. The meat is delicious. It was also great to hear about the family’s vision for the future and growing their business. I am pleased to support this business and I look forward to what they will bring to the community."

Tyler Gittins

A clean and professional family business. Erica Russell's industry knowledge was appreciated as she explained the benefit of Wagyu Beef.

James Keller

"Have not had cube steak and meatloaf this good since we were kids. Wagyu beef from Providence Farmstead is awesome!"

Mark McDonough

"Great place with fantastic, knowledgeable, friendly staff. You have to check them out. The best American Wagyu beef."

Scott Tavernier

"Very nice marbled steaks and other cuts that are absolutely delicious! I made jerky with a roast I was given that was some of the best jerky I have ever made!"

Brian Saunders

Prepared and Plated
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