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Our Story

A 5th Generation Family-Owned Business

While they came from different parts of the country, Georgia native C.A. Russell and California native Kirsten Clauss both shared a common passion for agriculture and family farming. After working together for 30 years in California, raising their family, and developing a nationally recognized Jersey Dairy, the couple has turned their compass back East towards the Blue Ridge Mountains.


​Providence Farmstead represents the next chapter in their farming journey. Working together with their children Colin, Erica, Lars, and McCalister, the new focus for this innovative agricultural family is to provide premium American Wagyu beef to Northeast Georgia and Western North Carolina. Their 100-acre farm in Otto, NC and 200-acre farm in Demorest, GA provides an idyllic setting for raising family farmed American Wagyu beef. 

​High-quality American Wagyu beef is not the only thing Providence Farmstead has to offer. Our Jersey Dairy cattle have arrived and our dairy barn is now operational! Read more about our state-of-the-art dairy facility here.


We invite you to take part in this journey of bringing exceptional dairy products to our community. 


Our Compass

Our compass is set on providing high quality agricultural goods to consumers. We are aligned around family, animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and consumer education. We believe that consumers should have confidence in the knowledge of how their food was produced. 


At Providence Farmstead, we are pleased to provide our customers the opportunity to connect with their local food system. Working in agriculture is our passion and we look forward to sharing more about our American Wagyu and vision for the future. 


Family Owned and Operated

At Providence Farmstead we take pride in the fact that we are a family enterprise. Each member of our family plays a crucial role in our business, from raising and caring for our cattle to building a relationship with you, our consumer.


Today, less than 2% of the population is directly involved in Agriculture. We are excited that our family gets to be in that percentile and we are eager to educate and share our passion for agriculture with others.

Locally Grown

Our products reflect our values. We believe that consumers should have the access to the assurance and knowledge of how their food was produced. Here at Providence Farmstead we are excited to provide farm-to-table eating to our customers. We welcome customers to reach out with any questions. Working in agriculture is our passion and we would love to share more about our passion with you and your family. 


The benefit of purchasing local beef and dairy products includes not only establishing a relationship with us, but also getting exactly what you want out of your purchase. Our local beef is sold in bulk and individually. Please visit our Whole Steer or Retail page to learn more about purchasing our beef. Stay tuned as we announce our first dairy product launch in the coming weeks!

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