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Meet Our Family

C.A. Russell

When Georgia native C.A. Russell graduated with a degree in Animal Science from the University of Georgia he headed to California where he spent the next 35 years working with Jersey dairy cattle. C.A. and Kirsten raised their children while growing Yosemite Jersey Dairy into a nationally recognized Jersey herd. C.A. is delighted to be able to return to the Southeast with his family to develop Providence Farmstead. In addition to working with our American Wagyu beef and helping maintain our farms in Otto and Demorest, GA, C.A. is planning for our future dairy facility and creamery. In his free time he enjoys running, hiking and being outdoors.


Kirsten Russell 

California native Kirsten Clauss Russell is a 4th generation dairy farmer who grew up on her family's Jersey dairy farm. She is excited for the next chapter of life in the Blue Ridge Mountains and for the opportunity to develop Providence Farmstead with her family as a place where people can buy quality beef and dairy products while learning about where their food comes from. Kirsten keeps track of the farm finances and does her best to keep all six family members communicating and working together smoothly. She is actively involved in planning for the next steps of dairy, creamery and retail store for our family business. Reading, swimming, and hosting family and friends are her favorite activities off the farm.

Lars Russell

Lars Russell is currently managing our farm in Otto, NC. Lars graduated in 2018 from the University of Hawaii, Hilo with a degree in Animal Science. In addition to caring for our cattle's health, Lars maintains our pastures, fence lines,  and works to keep our NC farm in the best shape. He continues to make improvements on the farm each week. Lars is looking forward to being a leader in our milk processing facility in the near future. In his free time, Lars enjoys spending time on Lake Rabun and exploring the Blue Ride Mountains.  

McCalister Russell

McCalister Russell currently manages our American Wagyu beef sales, logistics, public relations, and is most likely the sweet face you’ll see delivering to your local restaurant or market. Cali has been working to get Providence Farmstead on the map and menu. McCalister graduated in 2020 from UC Berkeley and has since dedicated herself to the growth of our family business. While she puts in her time on the farm, you can also find her working with local restaurants and markets to fill orders and build connections. McCalister is a big fan of good books, hiking, photography, and salsa dancing!

Colin Russell

Colin Russell currently manages our farm located in Demorest, GA. Colin facilitates the preparation, planting, and harvesting of the crops grown on our Demorest farm. He graduated with a degree in Animal Science with a focus in dairy at Cornell University in 2015. Colin was the farming, feed, and shop manager/mechanic at his family's dairy in Hilmar, California. He also owned his own commodity hauling business, Harvest Haulers. He has used his knowledge in dairy operations to help bring our new dairy and creamery design to fruition. In his free time he enjoys playing fetch with his dogs Copper and Penny, barbecuing, and wake surfing on Lake Rabun. 

Erica Russell

Erica Russell currently manages our social media, general marketing, and branding since 2020. Her goal has been to transparently share our family farming story to both online and print platforms. Erica has a strong passion for the agriculture industry and enjoys capturing, sharing, and informing people of our current farm happenings. She grew up in a small farming community in Hilmar, CA and was actively involved in FFA in high school. Erica graduated in 2019 from CSU Stanislaus in Turlock, CA with a degree in Business & Marketing. Outside of Ag Marketing, Erica is a big fan of country music, baking, wake surfing, and spending time with her husband Colin, their son Oliver, and their two fox red labradors.

Meet The Team 

Dustin Vinson -
Demorest Farm Foreman 

Dustin oversees our American Wagyu herd, maintains and builds fence lines, operates all varieties of equipment and is our shop/field mechanic and welder. These are just a few of the responsibilities Dustin has on the Demorest farm. Dustin is from Otto, NC but lives on the farm with his girlfriend, their 4 children and 4 dogs. Dustin has been a part of the team for 3 years! We really appreciate his calm and gentle demeanor around our cattle and his dry sense of humor with the team. His favorite aspect of working at Providence is the opportunity to work with the animals and be outside. Outside of his work, Dustin enjoys fishing, hunting and hiking. 

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